Nouveau was founded in 1990 and quickly made a name for itself as one of New Orleans’ prime fashion destinations.  Its reputation and charismatic approach to fashion soon lead to additional locations unveiled in Oakwood Mall and Mobile, Alabama. Our original Canal Street location has carried on as the flagship showroom, accommodating both locals and tourists alike. 


Our goal from the beginning has been catering to all walks of life, and forecasting the latest trends in order to indulge everyone’s needs is our forte.  We believe that building an organic relationship with our clientele is key , and this approach has earned us upstanding relationships with a number of musicians and NBA and NFL athletes – both visiting and local.  For many, Nouveau has become their New Orleans one stop fashion destination.  Be it high-end fashion or smart streetwear, our surfeit of brands gives customers an almost endless variation of complimentary lines to choose from. 


As long as fashion is around, Nouveau will be here -- diligently catering to every cutting edge trend and rising tide.  Whenever you’re in town, visit us and let us enable you to have your voice and style heard.  New Orleans starts at our door!